U&D Shipping Transportation & Trading Ltd can provide a flexible solution to your liquid storage or shipping problem. Whether you are storing or transporting fresh water, non hazardous chemical, oils, fuels, wine, or juice concentrates, we have the answer. Flexitanks are in daily use around the world with chemical and water companies, freight forwarders and aid organizations, to name just a few.

Our many years of experience in supplying heavy duty reusable containers, ensures that we can tackle the most demanding requirements in volume. We can supply a unique range of Flexitanks for commercial, aid, and military use, in any size and configuration.

A Flexitank is a bulk liquid container constructed from a woven nylon or polyester coated on both sides with synthetic rubber or thermoplastic material with a capacity of up to 23 cubic meters. Dependent on the specific gravity of the liquid, this modern vehicle of intermodal transportation converts a standard 20’ dry container into a bulk liquid container capable of carrying up to 21.5 tones of non-corrosive and non- hazardous liquid product.


• Shipping and Forwarding Services

We are able to make all the necessary arrangements from booking of vessels, forwarding, trucking / haulage to clearance and delivery at destination on door to door delivery basis.

• Technical Support for Loading and Discharging

We have experience in Flexitanks operations for more than 5 years. Our technical support personnel are capable in all aspects of technical know-how of flexitank operations.

• Fixing of Flexitanks in Container

This will be done by our team of reliable and well-trained personnel. The container will then be delivered to your factory ready to be loaded. All you have to do is load in your products.

• Collection of Empty Flexitanks at Destinations
After discharging, Our worldwide agents will undertake to return the empty flexitank to the assigned destination. This will free your customers of any involvement in the movement of the flexitanks. The flexitank will then be taken to the servicing depot for cleaning and servicing.